Why Sangopita


“What after us?”, is a question that haunts the mind of every parent who has a child with special needs. This is a question that cannot be answered easily. Residential care for those children/ adults who are mentally and physically challenged and unable to look after themselves, is sadly lacking in India. We at Sangopita hope to fill the vacuum.

A family that has a member with special needs, often goes through tremendous trauma and has to make sacrifices physically, mentally, socially, financially to ensure that the individual with special needs is well looked after. Quite often the immediate caregivers, usually the parents, are unable to lead a normal life because their child has to be catered to each minute of the day.

Teaching children with special needs often take up a lot of the time and energy of the primary caregivers, which they can ill afford especially when they need to earn their living as well. We can empathise with the situation such parents find themselves in. At Sangopita, each child with special needs is trained in skills of independent living, including daily activities like toileting, bathing, eating, dressing etc.

Besides, by having special care givers for the severely disabled who need constant care, we relieve their parents of their daily anxiety. Thus we help families continue with their regular life with minimum disruption caused by the birth of a severely disabled child and allow them to lead a normal life.