A Shelter for Care (Special Home)

Sangopita: A Shelter for Care, is a residential centre for children/ adults with disabilities. The centre, located in the village of Bendshil near Badlapur, caters to both genders and houses inhabitants from as far away as Delhi. Some of the inhabitants are charged a small amount for their stay but most of those who are residents at the centre are too impoverished to pay. We have also given shelter to mentally challenged orphans. The Male and female wards are segregated at the centre. Those independent in their daily activities, live in dorms with attached bathrooms and those whose needs need to be fully taken care of, live with care givers in other dorms fitted for the purpose. The premises are airy, clean and well maintained and managed by sensitive and empathetic staff.

Special School

Realising the lack of facilities for the education of the physically and mentally challenged in Badlapur. This centre is the outcome of a survey we undertook in Badlapur to identify the population of the disabled. We found that around 189 children had some form of mild or severe disability. A fraction of them are being helped at our Day care Centre.

Vocational Center

We believe that even though our special children lack the mental abilities like normal children, they do have different abilities. To bring out their hidden potentials and give them training which would take them towards confidence and self dependency, SANGOPITA runs a vocational center.

Various activities such as making handicrafts, Paper bags, Candles etc apart from keeping the children busy, enhances their muscular strength. A hand loom with which doormats, kerchiefs could be made is a tool to increase their concentration level. A proposed addition to our vocational center is a Sanitary Napkin making unit. The unit serve multiple purposes… Involvement of select children in manufacturing activity, spreading awareness of healthcare in rural womenfolk, revenue through sale of the product as well as spreading the message of “SANGOPITA’ a shelter for mentally challenged children.

Therapy Center

Most of the mentally challenged children need some or the other therapeutic intervention. Be it Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy, behavioral therapy or speech therapy. Services of the professionals in this field are relatively costly, and irregular due to the proximity of our residential center. Keeping these in view SANGOPITA with the support of MASTEK foundation, started a therapy center in Badlapur city area.In the coming year we will be now re- developed (enlarged, enhanced with therapeutic aids) and established at Bendshil.

Regular services of the therapist are now available not only to our special children but also to the needy persons in the neighborhood. Post starting of this center, significant improvement in our children has been witnessed by their parents.

Extracurricular Activities

Even though our special children cannot be put at par with mainstream children, SANGOPITA aims at giving them similar opportunities in the area of extracurricular activities. Occasional Sports competitions, drawing competition along with normal children are regularly carried out. A picnic trip at a scenic surrounding with parents and teaching staff makes the day enjoyable and memorable. All important festivals, be it religious or National, and birthdays are celebrated with much fanfare.

Annual Gathering is a much awaited event both for the parents and the Special children. The hidden talents in our special children are brought out through cultural program comprising Dance, songs, fancy dress etc. The emotionally charged audience of parents and visiting dignitaries alike proves that these special children also CAN and WILL do as their normal brothers & sisters.

SANGOPITA while taking care of these special children also tries to help the neighboring Aadivasipadas. During festivals the joy is shared with the Aadivasi population through distribution of gifts such as sweets, dresses, bed sheets and blankets etc.