Ravindra K.Sugwekar, Founder President

With a professional background of working with a nationalized bank, and hailing from a middle-class family, Mr. Sugwekar founded SANGOPITA drawing an inspiration from his own son, Akshay who has been affected by cerebral palsy. As the Founder President of Sangopita, he was committed to the organization even when he was in a morning to evening job with Punjab National Bank. Recently, he took a voluntary retirement from the bank and is now devoting all his time to Sangopita.

Sujata R.Sugwekar, Founder Secretary

Mrs. Sujata has committed herself to Sangopita ever since its inception, and she has aptly been justifying a co-founder and an active member of the Board. Ever since birth of their son, Akshay, she has taken up his responsibility and was more than a driving force in the setting up of Sangopita. She had successfully done a course in handling special need children from Spastic Society in order to have a meaningful contribution in the day to day functioning of the organization. An easy-going extrovert and a very social person, she keeps herself updated by interacting with the staff of Sangopita and also the family members of the residents of the Shelter Home.

R. Krishnamurthy, Committee Member

With an extensive professional career in Textile and Warehousing Industries, Mr. Krishnamoorthy is a senior citizen and has been a concerned citizen all through. He has been associated with Sangopita for over 10 years now and post his retirement a couple of years ago, has committed himself to fundraising and communications function of Sangopita. He is an important part of Sangopita and is a Special Invitee to all the Board Meetings for his immense contribution to Sangopita.

Ramdas Pande, Boarding In-charge

Mr. Pande has been associated with Sangopita since its inception and he is originally a resident of the village Bendshil, in which the shelter home is located. Being physically handicapped himself, he understands the special needs of the residents of the shelter home and is more of a father figure to the residents as well as the subordinate staff. He is responsible for the smooth running of the shelter home on a day to day basis with handling all emergencies as well.

ManojSalunkhe, In-charge, Vocational Training Centre

Mr. Salunkhe has been working with Sangopita for the last 14 years. Initially he was a special educator, but realizing the special needs in the area of various crafts, he has gradually gained the skill set in this area and now heads the Vocational Training Centre at Sangopita. He is responsible for bringing innovation to the Vocational Training Centre and introducing new courses to engage the residents of the shelter home in a more active manner. He guides the residents with making paper bags, handloom products, candles, paper folders, envelops, decorative Diwali lamps etc. He is also responsible for getting the stalls and exhibition in different corporations and other fairs etc.

Nilesh Walunj, In-charge, Special Education

Mr. Walunj has a diploma in Course of Special Education for Disabled Persons. He has been associated with Sangopita since last five years and has been making immense contribution for bringing the Special School at Sangopita in its current status. He is responsible for imparting academic, functional and behavioral education to the resident wards. He has been particularly successful in handling children with Autism,with whom he has been able to make considerable progress by constantly trying to increase their attention span.

Dr. Shankar Kumbhar, Medical In-charge

Dr. Kumbhar is a medical practitioner and was running his own clinic in his village Satara before joining Sangopita a couple of years ago. An Infirmary was opened up to take care the medical needs of the residents of the shelter home on a day to day basis and it is only after joining of Dr. Kumbhar, that the set up has become fully functional. He has taken full responsibility of the unit and due to his efforts there is much improvement in the physical hygiene of the wards.

Ms. Jayshree Koli, Resident Nurse

Ms. Jayshree is the resident nurse at Sangopita and is responsible for assisting Dr. Kumbhar in running the Infirmary at the Shelter Home in Sangopita. She has been with Sangopita for last 3 years and is specifically responsible for keeping a tab on the medicine inventories, routine medications, first aid treatment as and when necessary. Also, it was essential to have a female medical staff to attend to the needs of female wards which Jayashree is fulfilling well.

Ms. Dhana (Shanti) Kamble, Social Worker

Basically hailing from Nepal, Shanti is resides at the Shelter Home with her challenged daughter. She has been working with Sangopita since last 4 years works as social worker. She interacts with the families and parents of the residents of the shelter home and is responsible for counselling as and when required. She also takes care of administrative chores and takes care of the Kitchen store, donations in kind and visitors.

Mr. Prakash Patange, In-charge, Empowerment Centre

Mr. Patange is the In-charge of the Empowerment Centre and has been working with Sangopita since last 12 years. He started his career with the organization as a teacher and is now handling the development and running of the Empowerment Centre. In the past, he has extended his services as a Medical Assistant, Housemaster, Sports Teacher etc. Now he is responsible for procuring raw material for EmpowermentCentre, maintaining inventory records of finished products and marketing the finished products to ensure sale.

Mr. Shivaji Jagtap, House master

Mr. Jagtap joined Sangopita 4 years back as a care giver. He readily learnt the skills that brought him very close to the resident wards. His dedication, affection towards wards, punctuality and regularity was appreciated and last year he was promoted to the post of Housemaster. As Housemaster he supervises the care givers efficiently and effectively.