One of the aims of SANGOPITA is to sensitize the public at large about the needs and the exact problems that the people affected by mental disabilities go through in order to ensure a dignified life for them in the society. Pursuant to this objective, we always welcome people from all walks of life to come and visit the inhabitants of the shelter home run by SANGOPITA.

We welcome you to come and visit our shelter home and interact with the inhabitants understanding the problems of the inhabitants relating to their day to day activities.

In addition to this, we also organize annual excursions for the inhabitants in order to give them a taste of the outer world and let them interact with the world outside of the shelter home. 

Along with this, an annual gathering inviting the family members of the inhabitants, gives an opportunity for the inhabitants to showcase their talent in cultural events like singing, dancing, fancy dress etc. The families members, witnessing their children perform on the stage with confidence take immense pride in it. Dignitaries from various walks of life are invited as guests and thus awareness is spread.

Other than this, camps are also organized at the Shelter Home inviting students from the colleges NSC groups, corporate employee teams, and social groups to spend time with our residents, facilitating the residents to mingle with mainstream people.