Rehabilitation Centre for physically - mentally challanged i.e. Cerebral Palsy, Mentally Retarded, Slow Learner and Autism.

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SANGOPITA means Personalized, Passionate, Parental Upbringing It is indeed very difficult for the parents of these special children (C.P./Multi Handicapped / Slow Learner / Autistic) to impart proper care and medical attention from time to time.

A family with a challenged child itself becomes challenged. Mr. & Mrs. Ravindra Sugwekar, the founder members, and other trustees of Sangopita are parents/related to such special children and for years have experienced the difficulties encountered incurring such special children.

  • To reach out to the maximum numbers of affected children and make them self-dependant to the maximum possible Extent.
  • To provide formal education, Medical aid, and make them self-dependant and enable them to lead normal healthy life, under one roof despite being mentally challenged.
  • Extra ordinary efforts required are taken to relieve family's frustrations and worries about the future of their special beloved one.
  • The institution conducts IQ tests of the entrants and classifies their accommodation, education etc as per their requirements.
  • To feel themselves at par with normal children participating in games and different competition are also arranged to remove insecurity and inferiority amongst these special children and help them to emulate behaviors of the normal children.
  • To bring awareness and social bindings of these special children to the parents of the normal children.
SANGOPITA - What, How, Why & for Whome

“Sangopita” a word derived from a Sanskrit word “Sangopan” stands for upbringing of Children, traditionally entrusted to Parents or Guardian who protect their child and nurture them to lead a healthy & Sound life. It is a great challenge for any institution to accept such a Hugh Task.

Sangopita is an NGO which offers a ray of hope to 62 number of agonized parents who are endowed with special children who are mentally challenged i.e. suffering from Autism, Down syndrome and Cerebral Palsy etc.

  • Sangopita was started by such parents of a disabled child with the help of other parents suffering similarly.

  • Sangopita not only takes care of these children, but also provides necessary medical aid, Special Education and most of all, the Affection and Love they deserve.

  • Sangopita strives for the development of such children who are above 4years of age.

  • Sangopita disproves the general notion that these children can not progress.

  • Sangopita is situated in a small village sheltered by scenic natural surrounding, which provides fresh air as well as pollution free environment.

  • The most important feature of Sangopita is that it is run without any link or help from any government, religious or political agency.